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Get out and about and have fun
doing it.  
The Bike Chair puts a smile back
on your face


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The Bike Chair Broshure

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Watch a short Video of Bill and Glad....(click the link)
Update Jul  2014:
Hi all and thanks for your patience, things are progressing well and we hope to have some positive news soon,  Thanks so much for your patience.  Bill
Update Feb 2014:
"We have been overwhelmed with the response with regard to The Bike Chair.  What was just an idea to meet an individual need  has created a global interest and that has touched our hearts.
We attempted to turn the concept of the Bike Chair into a reality to help those with special needs but unfortunately have hit so many ‘red tape’ snags along the way, we haven’t got very far.  Due to the uniqueness of the design and despite the level of quality, our Solicitor and Insurance Representatives have advised us to cease all manufacture of The Bike Chair both within Australia and Overseas until such time as the "red tape" can be resolved.
We are truly sorry about this but please rest assured that we will work to ensure the concept of the Bike Chair stays alive and will pass it on to interested parties so they can carry it on.
Thank you for your kind and encouraging emails, interest and comments that have come in over the last year.  We hope and trust that you will be able to find something that will suit your needs.  
PS:  My Dad (the one in the video) says 'He will keep trying to get the bikes out there so keep looking'.  We will keep our website active for a while yet so any updates on future manufacturing and dealers will be posted there.
PSS:  Here are some other options to look at: